Search Engine Optimization and Website Design for Small Businesses

Fully Human specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) services for local, small businesses. Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of managing and enhancing a website, website content, and overall web presence in an effort to be more easily found and indexed by Google and other search engines. A proper SEO strategy can result in a business listing being ranked higher by search engines when certain queries and keywords are used. Simply put, with our services, customers looking for businesses like yours will find yours first.

Fully Human differs from other companies in our unique ‘Permanent Product Guarantee’. The majority of SEO companies will charge for their services on a monthly basis. The kicker is the minute you miss a monthly payment or quit the service, they immediately take down all their work and you are back to square one. What they’re offering is a service without a product. We take a different approach. We guarantee that the work we complete will never be taken down by FullyHuman. It’s yours! We do this because we want to offer not only a service but also an actual product. In addition, unlike other companies chasing big accounts, our SEO services are tailored to small businesses in the service industry. This means that we offer (and charge for) only what is necessary. No e-mail blasts or daily social media posts. Only what is effective and proven to work for your business!

Fully Human also provides website design services. Want a new look? Starting from scratch? We will assess your needs, gather information and build a functional, fast, appealing website that integrates with and compliments our SEO services.

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Optimize your online presence

Generate online traffic to your website

Bring customers to your storefront

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What can we do for you?

  • Optimize your website to be more friendly to search engine crawlers
  • Determine your key demographics and create a strategy to reach them
  • Streamline your brand identity
  • Set up social media accounts and develop a strategy based on your business’s needs
  • Increase your business’s overall web presence
  • Create backlinks to your website, as well as inbound and outbound within your website
  • Manage and update relevant content

What can that do for your business?

  • Move your business up in the search engine rankings
  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Bring foot traffic to your storefront
  • Familiarize potential customers with your brand and offerings
  • Give you time to focus on what you do best

We at Fully Human believe nobody is an expert. People just put forth efforts toward different endeavors. If you are busy focusing your time on running the day to day of your business and find yourself with little to no time to manage the sometimes intimidating world of online marketing, call us, because that is what we do.