Our Services

SEO – Fully Human is a local small business that provides SEO services for other local small businesses. We follow a tried and tested method to get businesses found online: optimize website content and data, increase web presence, increase website speed, optimize site for mobile viewing, streamline brand identity, monitor search analytics and perform updates on a regular basis.
Instead of offering many different packages that withhold certain services if you don’t pay a premium price, we at Fully Human have one comprehensive service that works. We adapt that service to fit your specific needs, and it includes everything needed to optimize your web presence. After we complete this work, we guarantee that we will never take it down. You own it. We also provide affordable ongoing SEO services on a month-to-month basis. Our ongoing services ensure that your content is up to date, your analytics are monitored, website speed is optimized, and your web presence is adapted to changes in search engine algorithms. Still not sure if your business really needs SEO? Check out this article about the importance of SEO services.
Website Design – Fully Human uses Wordpress along with Divi Builder to create high-quality, effective websites for small businesses, musical acts, and more. We build sites using templates designed for visual appeal as well as page speed optimization and practicality. We can customize the perfect site to compliment our SEO strategy. Fully Human will even take care of hosting the site, purchasing the domain name and regular maintenance. Visit www.lasvegasbedbugremoval.com to see some of our work!
Paid Ads – Interested in promoting your brand through paid advertisements like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads? We do that too. Paid advertisement can be a good supplement to a marketing strategy. We will take the time to talk about your options and together decide if paid ads are a good choice for you. Then we can work with you to tailor a campaign that meets your needs. 
Social Media – Social media is an important component of an effective web strategy. For some companies it is their lifeblood, but to many of those in the service industry, while it is an important tool, it doesn’t need to be the main focus. We will set up your social media sites if needed and ensure that all content is streamlined and in accordance with our overall SEO strategy. We offer consultation and guidance for an ongoing social media strategy and if asked will occasionally post content. However, this is not our focus. Many companies and individuals claim to be able to manage social media accounts for your business, but will end up churning out click-bait or generic content which can actually hurt your search ranking. In our experience, for local small businesses, social media is a good way to provide your community with updates and tell the story of your business, but can quickly become a black hole for time and money. We provide strategies and feedback for managing social media as part of your branding/marketing strategy and advice on how to focus your resources to best represent the unique qualities of your business and reach an audience full of potential customers.